At Helios Solutions, we have a team of experienced developers in technology VirtueMart to provide a full range of Joomla customization services and VirtueMart. Our service includes consulting, development, integration, training and support.

With our team of experts in technology savvy Joomla! -VirtueMart, We provide assistance in setting up your e-commerce website with VirtueMart on your Joomla based website. The configuration in many ways and customization that is allowed by this technology provides all the guarantees to make your online store.

VirtueMart should be used with Joomla or Mambo content management systems. Both are open source for e-commerce solutions. Moreover Joomla! and Mambo are expandable as content management systems that can be further enhanced by the installation of additional extensions like VirtueMart and Mambots. VirtueMart was recently elected by 2,000 users as # 1 of the Top Ten Joomla! Extensions.

Product Features: Catalogue

  • Interface powerful and user-friendly web administration.
  • An unlimited number of products and categories.
  • Can be used as a complete shop or just as a catalog online for your CMS website
  • Fast search for products, categories and manufacturers.
  • Search by product characteristics or discounted products.
  • Reviews of products by customers with the ability to leave a commentaire.Indictation of availability.
  • Descriptions of downloadable products.
  • Notifications.For example: the product is back in stock

Why Outsource VirtueMart Projects at Helios Solutions?

ith an experience of technology VirtueMart Helios Solutions has all the resources and expertise to execute your projects efficiently.

The greatest achievement of Helios Solutions is bridged the cultural and communication gap because we hire native speakers in India Project managers in Europe to carry out your projects, it ensures a quality outsourcing in India equivalent to you might have by working with a European company.

Outsource your projects at Helios VirtueMart reliable solutions through:

  • A high competence of our Specialists, Developers and our Management team in VirtueMart
  • We have 4.5 years of experience in developing solutions for high-quality websites
  • Highly competitive prices compared to your country of origin
  • After the completion of your project, Helios Solutions provided you with a responsive support, it offers a better experience than using a Freelancer VirtueMart
  • It is much more cost effective to outsource your projects at Helios Solutions in India rather than a freelancer VirtueMart Europe