Mass Email to Guest & Registered Customers

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Numerous customers do not wish to register at the first instance, but with Mass Email Extension, you can effectively track and contact the customers, whether your registered user or not.

Mass Email extension empowers you to send mass email to registered & guest customers through admin customer grid & admin sales order grid.

Stay in contact with customers to update or assist them with Mass Email extension developed for Magento. Construct, edit and send messages from the sales/customers list window. Also view history of sent mails. Simplify the long process by adopting this smart way.


  • Send Mass email to multiple customers through admin sales order grid & admin customer grid.
  • Maintain email history of sent mails in admin customer order details & customer details section.
  • Fast, secure & easy extension for Mass Emailing.
  • Best for communicating with registered & guest customers.
  • Send mails to a various groups of customers.


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